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Why register your marriage in Hong Kong

Why should you register your marriage in Hong Kong?


Simple Process & Minimal Requirements for Marriage Registration

There are many reasons to register your marriage in Hong Kong. One of those would definitely be the simple process of registration and minimal requirements for marriage. As we will submit all the required paper for you before your arrival in Hong Kong, you will only need to come to Hong Kong as short as 3 days ahead your wedding day for ONCE!

What you need to do is to get the list of required documents like passport copies and application form and then submit a Notice of Intended Marriage form to the marriage office in Hong Kong within 3 months from the wedding day. 

While you may not be very sure about the document requirements for marriage right now, to save your time and energy for your wedding to come, we will guide you to gather the right papers satisfying the requirements and direct you to complete the required paperwork properly. We promise that the Hong Kong requirements for marriage are not complicated and it is generally recognised to be way easier than many other places for marriage registration in terms of the required paper and procedure.

High Security by Hong Kong Judiciary

The Hong Kong judiciary has had a long and good reputation and was rated as the best judicial system in Asia. With your marriage guaranteed by one of the best legal systems in the world, you can always enjoy your Hong Kong marriage with high level of security. For example, in case your original Hong Kong Marriage Certificate is lost by accident, you can easily apply overseas for a certified copy of the marriage certificate which takes the same legal status as the original marriage certificate.

No worries if you still need some help after returning to your country, we would go on to provide support and necessary local assistance for marriage related matters to you right here.

International Recognition by Apostille Service

Moreover, the Hong Kong Marriage Certificate signed by deputy registrar of marriages (i.e. Marriage Registration at a Marriage Registry) is qualified for apostille service. With your Hong Kong Marriage Certificate certified under the Apostille Convention, you can always enjoy your marriage in Hong Kong for any legal purposes internationally in all the other signatory states. Feel free to contact us if you would like to have more details of the procedure and requirements of the apostille service.

A Word about Apostille Service: 

For Hong Kong Marriage Certificate signed by Civil Celebrants, you will need to apply and obtain a Certified True Copy of the Marriage Certificate separately at the Record Office of the Marriage Registry in Hong Kong before it can be accepted for the Apostille Service. 

If your marriage takes place at an Official Marriage Registry like City Hall Marriage Registry or Cotton Tree Drive Marriage Registry, your Hong Kong Marriage Certificate will be signed by a deputy registrar of marriages and the certificate will be accepted for the Apostille Service directly.