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How our team is different

As far as we know, in this industry there are a number of companies which are not based in Hong Kong and their businesses are only managed by the main office located in some overseas countries (they might still claim to be Hong Kong-based though). To cut operational costs, some of them might use low-cost part-time employees who are supervised remotely by the foreign head office. Unlike these companies, we are a 100% Hong Kong-based company and every important decision is made by the local management team which is born and bred in Hong Kong. We hired our in-house consultant team in Hong Kong to handle each application and they are real wedding experts. To make things easier for you, our experienced wedding manager will communicate directly with you along the whole process as a single point of contact. You won’t need to repeat your situation and concerns every time talking with us as the same manager will be with you along the whole journey from the very beginning until you receive your official marriage certificate.

We understand this business setting will cost us much higher operational costs than our competitors and lower our profit margin significantly, but we do want to play safe and don’t wish to risk your precious wedding in any way. We know the wedding day is one of the most important days in life and this day will always leave an imprint on your life. We believe everything will just pay off in the long run. And now, after more than 10 years of service, we can be more certain to say that everything is worth it and this approach has earned us a reputation for quality and made us one of the leading premium wedding planners for foreigners getting married in Hong Kong. 

Our mission is to help foreigner couples register their Hong Kong marriage in a hassle-free way and our team now assists 150 to 200 wedding couples getting married in Hong Kong every year. We know you are going to have many questions along the whole process, we will be here with you to sort out all issues in the journey. Feel free to click to see how our married foreign couples felt about their Hong Kong weddings

Getting back to basics, wedding should be all about love, joy and happiness. We have a strong belief that everyone deserves an unforgettable wedding without hassle. That was why we started
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