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Reviews of 230+ foreign couples who have officially married in Hong Kong


What our couples are saying about their wedding in Hong Kong

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4.9 Stars - Based on 185 User Reviews
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5.0 Stars - Based on 67 User Reviews
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Milou Guan Avatar
Milou Guan
Really careful and professional on those documents and procedures. Thanks, Jane
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Andrew Chua Avatar
Andrew Chua
Thank you very much! Process was smooth, communication was prompt, taking away the stress usually associated with a wedding. Witnesses, photographs and a bunch of flowers were also provided.
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Tom Beech Avatar
Tom Beech
positive review 
Thank you so much to Jane and her team for arranging our marriage. Jane has been so helpful throughout the whole process, and it was a pleasure to finally meet her on our wedding day. We couldn’t be happier with the service provided, and we would definitely recommend Jane and her team to anybody wishing to get married in Hong Kong.
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Grasha Mary Si Avatar
Grasha Mary Si
Jane and her team are very helpful. They exceed their effort to help us and always give us complete details of information we need know before and during the ceremony. Thank you Jane & team!
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Noni Oktavia Avatar
Noni Oktavia
positive review 
Jane and her team are very helpful, always responsive and accommodating throughout the whole process of our wedding. Could have not done it without their kind assistance. Thanks so much for everything Jane!
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Michael Ross Avatar
Michael Ross
Jane made the entire process a real pleasure, there was zero stress, no problems.

I enjoyed her professionalism and friendly personal attention.

I enthusiastically recommend this reliable company.
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Nino Galupo Avatar
Nino Galupo
Thanks so much Jane for your help with our wedding application everything was perfect!
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Kerry Baird Avatar
Kerry Baird
Great organisation, excellent and timely communication, Jane and the Team took all the stress out of the day and the lead up to our very special day as everything was completed to an extremely high standard.
Highly recommended!!!
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Gregor Fiedler Avatar
Gregor Fiedler
Prompt, helpful service – the staff is very responsive and answers E-mails very quickly.
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Robert Kis Avatar
Robert Kis
Thank you Jane for helping us! It was a pleasure working with you, really professional and responsive! Totally recommend!
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Jacqui Skliros Avatar
Jacqui Skliros
positive review 
Jane was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. Friendly, kind and supportive, she communicated each step very clearly and made the whole process stress-free for us. I can’t recommend her service enough! Thanks, Jane 🙂
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Winda Kurniawan Avatar
Winda Kurniawan
positive review 
Highly recommended for couples who want to get married in Hongkong… They are very professional in their fields and very detailed in their planning. Thank you so much to make our dreams come true… Great job Jane n team🥂👍
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Ludovic Chambovey Avatar
Ludovic Chambovey
All went so well last march, Ms Jane took all the necessary time to explain everything and made that everything was ready for us to just show up for the wedding itself. As a bonus she even took a lot of pictures for us. I am no willing to do it again, it’s too recent 🙂 But if you are looking for having a wedding abroad, I will definitely recommand Star T to take care of it for you
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SofiaAnne Scharfen Avatar
SofiaAnne Scharfen
We would like to thank for all the help they have given to us. From start to finish, they have been professional and organized. They laid out everything and so transparent so if you want to get married in HK, we definitely recommend! You won’t reget it! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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MuyHong Chan Avatar
MuyHong Chan
professional and extremely helpful
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Aulia Soemitro Avatar
Aulia Soemitro
Great service by Jane & the team. Very helpful and fast to respond. When we meet on the day, everything is seamless and easy. Would love to recommend this service to anyone planning to get married in Hong Kong 🙂
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Sweetie Phalkun Berry Avatar
Sweetie Phalkun Berry
I would like to say thank for the great service. Our marriage went smoothly and rememberable.
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Minh-Ha Nguy Avatar
Minh-Ha Nguy
Highly recommend Start Hong Kong Marriage. Jane and her team have been really helpful and making the whole process smooth and hassle free. If you’re looking for an agency to help you with the marriage process in Hong Kong, you don’t need to look further!
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Robert Kis Avatar
Robert Kis
Amazing experience working with Jane!!! Thank you so much, I totally recommend!
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Sopha Pan Avatar
Sopha Pan
We do have a wonderful and unforgettable marriage ceremony in Hong Kong. Jane is an amazing person, her efforts in helping us out of the stressful situations is incredible. She and her team worked really hard to make our marriage happen in Hong Kong. We appreciate the flawless services we received from Star T Consultant and highly recommend to everyone.

A huge thanks to Jane and her teams for everything!

Best Regards,
Kim and Sopha
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Debbie Jean Sanchez Avatar
Debbie Jean Sanchez
One of the best ��� thank you Miss Jane…highly recommended indeed.. Keep up the good works ���
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Priscilla Camppos Avatar
Priscilla Camppos
Thanks to Start Hong Kong Marriage for the support and making the entire process smooth and professional. A special thanks to Jane for her commitment to making it happen.
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Eliza Sinatao-Kußäther Avatar
Eliza Sinatao-Kußäther
Hello Jane,

thank you very much to all of your staff who help us for the processing and during the day of our marriage, it’s been an opportunity for both of us working with such great people.

Eliza and Norman
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Koch Sure Avatar
Koch Sure
Very helpful and efficient service
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Richard Mendoza Avatar
Richard Mendoza
Good job! That’s all I can say about jane and her team from day 1 until we got married because of them our wedding went smooth and organize
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Marco Vi Avatar
Marco Vi
Start T consultant provided an excellent service since the very beginning we got in touch with them. We are living in Indonesia so it is not easy to organize a wedding in Hong Kong, but with the help of Jane we were able to set up make-up, hairdo, transportation, photography, everything we needed in a smooth way. The assistance the gave us before, during the wedding day and also after was just outstanding.
Thank you to Jane and Star T consultant to make our wedding day so perfect!
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Guy Whitehouse Avatar
Guy Whitehouse
positive review 
Everything went to plan no hassle Jane delivered as per the label on the tin

Many thanks both Joyce and I enjoyed the experience
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Francesco Sparviero Avatar
Francesco Sparviero
Hi Jane,
thanks for everything.

It was not easy for us since my family comes from Italy and her family comes from China. We were really nervous but thanks to you and your team we managed to get married and your organization was perfect.

Thanks also to send us the copy of the certificate of marriage and for the beautiful pictures.
We really love also your “unofficial” pictures,, we really think that you did a great job and everybody was happy.

We hope to come back in Hong Kong ..but this time to enjoy ourselves and if we will have the chance to come back in HKK we hope that we will meet you again for a coffee or a little chat.

Many thanks

Francesco & Kelly
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Sorsha Alene Avatar
Sorsha Alene
positive review 
Jane and her team were the best. We can’t recommend them enough. Even though we communicated solely by email, everything went well. On the day of the wedding, they arrived at the venue earlier than expected. Very professional, helpful, and they were some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

We loved our photographer as well. He directed all the shots and made it easy for us to feel at ease around him. Such a cool guy and really fun to work with.

Big thanks to Jane, Wing Kei, and Roy for being with us on our special day! ⭐
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Rose Ann Avatar
Rose Ann
I highly recommend Star T. Everything went smoothly.
Ms. Jane was very helpful and explained everything in details.
I am always grateful. 😊
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Leo Leoncio Avatar
Leo Leoncio
To the people that make up Starthongkongmarriage, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts! Your guidance and assistance in making our marriage in Hong Kong as smooth and easy was tremendous. From beginning to end you were always there to assist us. Special mention to Jane, who was always there in our darkest moments guiding us.
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James Steel Avatar
James Steel
Jane was the perfect help we needed. She was very professional in everything and explained it so we could understand. She took care of everything and made it so easy. Thank you so much from James Florita.
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Alex Kobe Avatar
Alex Kobe
Absolutely recommended service!! Jane helped us on all our plenty of questions and replied always very detailed, comprehensive and reliable. Usually it just took some hours to maybe a day to get a feedback, which is super-fast when you consider the different time zones. Jane always found the right words and you could really feel her experience.
Our wedding day went very smoothly and everything took place, as Jane informed us beforehand. Especially the photos amazed us a lot with all those brilliant backgrounds and settings and great behind-the-scene pics, really a great job! If you want to get married in HK and you want to ensure, that everything will work fine and smoothly, StarT are the right ones to ask for help – they make things simply easier and take care in a professional, reliable and comprehensive way! 🙂
Thank you so much and take care,
Nita & Alex
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Justine Friedrich Avatar
Justine Friedrich
If our wedding day was smooth and unforgettable, it is thanks to START Hong-Kong Marriage.
Professional, efficient, reassuring…
Thank you for everything.

We would definitely recommend them !
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Yanying Zhang Avatar
Yanying Zhang
Thank you so much, Jane and the team. They are very fast respond, helpful and professional. It indeed make our ROM much smooth. During the ROM, Jane not only is our witness, help us photo, but also explain to us each process details and guide us through. She is very familiar with the environment and process!!i will recommend to my friends too!!!
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Maribeth Florentino Malinao Avatar
Maribeth Florentino Malinao
Hi jane,

Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for us.To helping me working in everything i need to file my papers that makes everything easy for me.You made everything easy for us,I really appreciate all your patience to help us and guide us,and always replied to my emails.We couldn’t had smooth wedding without your help.You are very helpful and so kind person.We love you and wishing you all the best.I highly recommend this service to everybody and to all my friends in Canada.also thank you so much for sending the photos I like it���Take care and god bless you always����
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Audrey Lim Avatar
Audrey Lim
Jane lives up to the 5 stars review. Her replies were timely and explanation was detailed. Thank you for the effort!
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JM Myrrha Avatar
JM Myrrha
positive review 
Very supportive, Jane is so nice and she took care of everything. Amazing job! Thanks a lot
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Aulia Soemitro Avatar
Aulia Soemitro
positive review 
Thank you so much Jane and team for helping us during our wedding preparation from Jakarta until when we are in Hong Kong. Despite the disease outbreak, Jane is still very responsive and quick to adjust plans. Beautiful pictures taken during the ceremony, and we will surely recommend the service to our friends. Thank you so much once again for all the help! 🙂
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Kitty Bee Avatar
Kitty Bee
They were very helpful from start to end. We could have not done the wedding in Hongkong without their help. Very efficient. I would highly recommend them. Special mention to Jane.
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Calum Roberts Avatar
Calum Roberts
positive review 
A massive million billion trillion thanks to these guys for helping us tie the knot in Hong Kong! After so much faff and stress before coming across, it was genuinely a breath of fresh air to have them be so helpful and the ceremony be so simple. I’d recommend to anyone in the area, and once again, thanks for helping make our marriage special!
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Mencherol Acojido Tretbar Avatar
Mencherol Acojido Tretbar
positive review 
Highly recommend for those couple who have difficulty in getting marriage. Thanks to these agency they made easy to get married.
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Ra Mutiara Avatar
Ra Mutiara
positive review 
Thanks to Jane and her team for arranging our marriage. We are so happy that you helped our wedding plans go so smoothly from start to finish. Recommend 100% 😁
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Milan Jelicic Avatar
Milan Jelicic
We came to Hong Kong as boyfriend and girlfriend, we left it as husband and wife. All thanks to Jane and this company! We are so grateful for everything, thank you for helping US become a married couple,THANK YOU!
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Mary Cruz Arcani Torrez Avatar
Mary Cruz Arcani Torrez
I highly recommend STARThongkongmarriage services for couples from different countries who are looking to get married. Their professional approach and constant feedback on the progress of the process are commendable. They guided my husband and me from the very beginning, promptly addressing all of our doubts and questions. Their reliability and efficiency make them an excellent choice for anyone seeking marriage services.
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Nipoan CC Avatar
Nipoan CC
positive review 
Would highly recommend Jen and her team without hesitation.
We were always informed. Always had to respond to her emails. Lovely to see her in Hong Kong. And loved the pictures of our wedding. everything went well 🙂
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Liza Montani Avatar
Liza Montani
positive review 
Excellent Service from A-Z my swiss husband opinion and compliment. Jane is so amazing Service from the Heart – Thank You Jane and team… You guys ROCKS!
Highly recommended – professionalism at BEST!
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Romelia Manuel Avatar
Romelia Manuel
Jane and the whole team is very accomodating. They made us really comfortable and secure through out the process. I would highly recommend Jane’s team. We are very sayisfied with their service. Again, thank you very much Jane and the whole team. Highly appreaciated.
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Joel Tumaliuan Avatar
Joel Tumaliuan
Highly recommended.
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-- Avatar
Working with Jane is a delight. We’ve gone through 2 years of waiting due to pandemic and HK border restrictions, but Jane was there, assuring us with every step of the way. Highly recommended 👌 Thank you again StartHongkongMarriage team!
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GecelGay Timtim Gresones Razon Avatar
GecelGay Timtim Gresones Razon
Hi Jane,,

Thank you so much for making our wedding possible. The processing was a bit complicated but you still manage to make it happen. Thank you for our witnesses and to the beautiful photos. Thank you for your patience and your time Jane. You and your team are really doing a great job. Keep it up guys.

Mr. & Mrs. Jose Razon Jr.
-Jose & Gecel-
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Edhi Santoso Djajadi Avatar
Edhi Santoso Djajadi
positive review 
Im so glad that Jane n team are very helpful and so detail to help me to planning my wedding day… They were a great teamwork…. Thank you so much for everything Jane…. Cheeers…
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Misis Tin Atienza Avatar
Misis Tin Atienza
Dear Jane,

This message couldn’t possibly contain enough words to completely express our appreciation. When we were searching for somebody to help us arrange our planned wedding in Hong Kong, we thank our lucky stars we found you! You simply are the best!

We are still in awe when we look back on everything you did for us before, during and after the wedding. Without your help, our special day would not have been the picture-perfect event we dreamed of. Your planning, assistance, preparation, and attention to detail were amazing! Thank you so much! We appreciate you more than words can say.

A huge thanks for sending us the photos you’ve taken during the wedding. They’re really lovely! You’ve become a pro!

We hope to see you again during our next visit to Hong Kong. More power to you and to your team!


John and Christina
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Sofia Anne Marie Cristobal Avatar
Sofia Anne Marie Cristobal
Starthongkongmarriage, THANK YOU for all your help in making our dream come true! To anyone who wants to get married in HK, we can vouch for them! Absolutely deserving of 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!
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Maria Vallejo Avatar
Maria Vallejo
Since the very beginning of our journey to get married, Jane and the team have been nothing short of accomodating, informative, and understanding. The entire roadmap of what we needed to do by what time and how much it would cost was laid out for us right at the start of our correspondence. Whenever we had questions about anything regarding the process, Jane was obliging, courteous, and swift in her response time. On the day of our ceremony in city hall, Jane and the team were warm and welcoming in a way one would expect a close friend to be. Our marriage went off without a hitch and was made to feel the most special, and it was due to the hard work and preparation done by Jane and the team. Pain and stress free; we cannot recommend them more highly. P.S. thank you for everything Jane!
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Joy Gamilla Avatar
Joy Gamilla
Big thanks to Jane and her team for making all of it hassle free. Its really easy to communicate with her and they provide all the details and recommendations. She made it all possible even in a very short time. She is very accomodating in answering all our questions. Jane’s team is very punctual and very warm in welcoming and assisting us all through out. If you guys want a hassle free wedding arrangements Jane and her team is the best team that can help you to your journey
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Shey Descanzo Avatar
Shey Descanzo
No B.S. with the help of Jane everything went smooth sailing. we highly recomend this agency if your pla ning to get married. The venue is superb as well as the simple ceremony. Two tumbs up . Thank you starthongkong marriage specialy to Jane.
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Jason Tesorero Avatar
Jason Tesorero
Giving them 5 star because Jane and her team, help me althrough out for my amazing wedding.
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Lovely Balistoy Belmonte Avatar
Lovely Balistoy Belmonte
Our decision by getting married in Hong kong was beyond our expectation we definately recommend this team for those who have plan in the future. with the kind and helpful assistance from Jane everything is smooth and fast.. You must try as well the Make up service as you will transform into a beautiful bride. Thank you very much!! We enjoy our trip here.. more power and more years to count❤❤❤
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Marvelyn Duvinage Avatar
Marvelyn Duvinage
The services offered by this team are just way exceptional!! They made our dream come true which is to be married. They made the processes extra easy and quicker. Jane, the pretty woman behind our successful marriage is just amazing. She did everything for us and was very active in terms of communication. Luckily, we have met her as she went to our flat, patiently waited for us and took us to the Marriage Registry. She’s only not superb but she is very pretty. Seriously, we didn’t have any regrets of getting Jane as our assistant as she have done every piece of work in our behalf, and we are overall satisfied with the services rendered by her and by her team. To couples who wish to get married in Hong Kong, I highly recommend to use the services of this team, as they are amazing and wonderful people to work with. We never had any bad experience with them. All questions asked were answered in a timely manner. This team is truly commendable and is worth every penny you spent on them.

Jane, in behalf of my husband and family, I thank you for ever being supportive and for making our marriage successful. We cannot do it without your help. We love you and wishing you all the best especially with that little bump you have �.

P.S. Please extend our gratitudes to our photographer, to the make up artist, and to whoever made the bouquet, I so love it . They’ve done a tremendous job. You all are truly commendable!

Happily married,
Marvelyn and Stephane Duvinage
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Mich Mathe Avatar
Mich Mathe
This is legit and Ms. Jane is so hands on and really good person I recommend her to everyone who needs assistance. Tjanl you
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Joyce Garcia Avatar
Joyce Garcia
Jane and team was very supportive from start to end. She was very detailed and precise of what are the documents needed. It was a dream come true for our family to make our wedding one of a kind. I would definitely recommend her to other friends.
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Rowie Gapay - Jamorabon Avatar
Rowie Gapay – Jamorabon
09/08/2022 provided us with excellent service! They were courteous, professional, and easy to work with. Although we decided to keep things simple, they provided everything we needed.

Thank you so much, Ms. Jane!😊🥰 You are wonderful, courteous, attentive, responsive, and on-point when responding to emails, calls, changes, and concerns. You all went above and beyond to ensure that our wedding was perfect! Also. Thank you to Ms. Candy, my makeup artist, and our incredibly awesome photographer. You guys are the best!😍🥰 God bless you all, and thank you very much!

Highly recommended❣️🥰👍❤️
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Hazel Enriquez Avatar
Hazel Enriquez
Jane and her team had been very efficient and was a pleasure working with her. So consistent and thorough. Very reliable and accomodating. Thank you so so much
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Hendro Pamungkas Avatar
Hendro Pamungkas
Thank you very much Jane!…
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pingkan sanger Avatar
pingkan sanger
We are so thankful for Jane and teams from START Hongkong Marriage for their expertise, help, kindness during our marriage registration process in Hongkong.Thank you for made everything as you promised to us!
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Benattou Mustapha Mehdi Avatar
Benattou Mustapha Mehdi
positive review 
it was a great experience for us to choose starthongkongmarriage, everything was smooth and organized, basically we did not do any effort because they did all the process for us, we just sent them the requiered papers. love you start hongkongmarriage, respect you Jane. hope to see you in hong kong again.
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Vernon G Stamm Avatar
Vernon G Stamm
I want to thank all the people at Star T Consultants for their professionalism in performing our wedding ceremony. My wife and I were extremely happy with the service and would give them references to any of my friends and family who wish to go to Hong Kong for their weddings. They planned and arranged everything to make it so simple for us to realize our dream. Thanks to everyone there again.
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Anggini Setiawan Avatar
Anggini Setiawan
Jane and her team were super helpful. We’re informed thoroughly with what we should do, what we can expect, and what cannot be guaranteed, therefore we can better make decisions even with some uncertainties along the way. It does not stop there, the team went above and beyond to help us on some logistic related information too. Thank you Jane for making our lives easier. We’re finally married! -Anggi & Chris-
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Claude Garrigues Avatar
Claude Garrigues
I can’t thanks enough Jane and her team to help us to make our dream a reality, answering to all our questions and solving our doubts with kindness and professionalism …… You guys are awesome 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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Mathieu Gagné Avatar
Mathieu Gagné
positive review 
We had a great time in Hong Kong for our wedding! Jane was very helpful and everything went smooth and efficient. We have great wedding pictures and Hong Kong was a wonderful city to visit and have our wedding. No issues with the demonstrations, it was always safe. Thanks again!
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Rudy RC Bert Avatar
Rudy RC Bert
positive review 
Hi Jane, Thank you for everything and the support in our wedding in Hong Kong. We really appreciate all the work you and your team have done. Its was a wonderful wedding day with amazing pictures and a great live facebook streaming so the family and friends could also enjoy with us.
We sure recommand your office to others who want to have their wedding in Hong Kong.
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Leo Bing Avatar
Leo Bing
Very nice service and always making an effort to provide the ideal solution. I would definitely recommend start HK marriage and I’m sure they make many more customers happily married couples.
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Andrea Prisca Kurnadi Avatar
Andrea Prisca Kurnadi
We’d like to take a moment to thank Jane and the entire STARThongkongmarriage team for their assistance in planning and executing this weddin. They’ve been professional, organized, and detailed. They guided us every step of the way and ensured that everything was taken care of. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance during the months leading up to and on the wedding day. We strongly recommend you to contact Jane and her team if you are planning a wedding in Hong Kong. Smooth and excellent service!
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Manami Kawakami Avatar
Manami Kawakami
Professional, kind, and responsible service.Thanks to Jane and her colleagues help, we could successfully get married on December 9th 2022. Jane always responded to our email very quickly with the detailed explanation, so we did not have any concern during the process.
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Isabel Cristina Vélez Bermúdez Avatar
Isabel Cristina Vélez Bermúdez
Many thanks to Jane and the team from START Hongkong Marriage, always supportive, very professional and helpful. I highly recommend them!
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Anni Bell-Miller Avatar
Anni Bell-Miller
positive review 
Was just recommending you to a friend and realised I never posted a review. Thank you Jane and team for the quick and helpful responses and doing everything right on the day. Beautiful pics too. Great service! 💖
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Alvin Manigo Avatar
Alvin Manigo
Jane is so helpful and patience during the process and on the wedding day.
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Flora Avatar
Thanks Jane! Thanks for making everything go smooth and helping us officialise our love! Flora&Omar
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monic talalo Avatar
monic talalo
very very nice to know Jane and her team at STARThongkongmarriage. the process via email is explained clearly and in detail .. all questions and concerns are answered clearly .. thank you for your support Jane and team .. we are really appreciate your help and the team for us to arrive in Hongkong to carry out the wedding .. as we said that our long journey to get to this point .. thank you for helping us achieve our dreams .. success for you, Jane and team at STARThongkongmarriage.. ps : very nice to see you with your belly 😉
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Yanying Zhang Avatar
Yanying Zhang
Jane, who helped us is very helpful, responsible and professional. During the process, she explains to us the details and this makes the ROM much more smooth especially we are foreigners. And luckily, she also become one of our witness!
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Romelia Manuel Avatar
Romelia Manuel
Very good service. Highly recommend. Thank you Jane and team.
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Katrina Bangalan Avatar
Katrina Bangalan
positive review 
They will help you all the way. Thank you.
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Catherine Fu Avatar
Catherine Fu
positive review 
Jane is very kind and patient, she helped us a lot,so we donot have to worry about the process.
We are very grateful.
Thank you very much.
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Jun Jun Ancheta Rosuman Avatar
Jun Jun Ancheta Rosuman
Thank you so much to you Jane, we appreciate all your patience to help us and guide us to all the requirements that we needed, to fulfill our wedding ceremony in Hong Kong. You made everything easy for us. A million thank you to you Jane, without you we don’t know what to do! Keep up the good work,. Me and Rosemarie we salute you for everything you did. Once again thank you so much Jane… 💝 💗 💖 💖 💞 ❣️ 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟?
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Shirley Liu Avatar
Shirley Liu
Hi Jane

thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for us. We couldn’t have had a smooth wedding without you. Also the make up artist was fantastic thank you for doing my mums hair and makeup aswell. The flowers you prepared were lovely and just what I wanted. I am glad I booked the car service with you aswell as my photographer took too long with taking photos and we still arrived on time to register and go in for the wedding lol. The photographer you arrange was really funny, thumbs up. If I know anyone in uk looking to have a wedding in Hong Kong I would definitely recommend your team. Thank you for everything and hope you and your team have a happy Chinese New Year. All the best.

Love from
Shirley & Garrath x
(Married in Hong Kong February 2018)
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Oleg Daev Avatar
Oleg Daev
We would like to take a moment and express our gratitude to Jane and her team for helping us making our wedding day happening ☺️
You were an absolute lifesaver throughout the entire process! We can’t thank you enough for your attention to detail and making sure every little thing was taken care of. Our wedding day wouldn’t have been the same without you!
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Ranel Martinez Disu Avatar
Ranel Martinez Disu
positive review 
I chanced upon STARThongkongmarriage aka Star T Consultant as i was looking for info online on how to get married in Hong Kong. I live in Canada and my now wife lives in the Philippines. It would be expensive to go back and forth to Hong Kong to file for marriage and i was skeptical to file for marriage online. I took the risk in seeking for assistance with Star T Consultant and boy am i glad that i did. YES! They are 101% legit! Jane is very helpful from start to end, and even after the wedding =) They will guide you throughout the whole process so you will never feel left in the dark. Jane even gave us advice on which hotels to stay, restaurant for our wedding reception, where to shop and eat, sight seeing, etc. A few minutes before our wedding took place, we realized that there was an error with the wedding venue to which i overlooked after visiting the marriage office. Luckily, Jane was there to save the day and needless to say, our wedding proceeded as scheduled (although a few minutes late but it’s better late than never). Were glad that Jane was able to help us sort things out. She even brought with her 2 witnesses for our wedding ceremony who were also very helpful. If you’re thinking of getting married in Hong Kong, i highly recommend Jane and her team. From my family to yours, thank you very much Jane and to the rest of your team!
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Noel Manalansan Avatar
Noel Manalansan
positive review 
Professionalism, attention to details and most importantly very responsive. An outstanding service provided by Jane and her team. Communication from Jane is bar none. She communicates down to every single detail and does not shy away from any questions I had. Highly recommended to anyone. I am a testament of not knowing what to do but with her team’s guidance I made it without stress. One other good point is they provide you options and recommendations since they know the rules.
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Dhay Amz Vlogs Avatar
Dhay Amz Vlogs
Jane and her team’s arrangement of our marriage is greatly appreciated by us.Your team really worked hard to make our wedding successful. We appreciate your efforts.Excellent service and Highly Recommended…Robert & Amy
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Nils Bicker Avatar
Nils Bicker
With the help of Jane and her colleagues at, we got married in October 2021 despite all the Covid restrictions and difficulties. Jane and her team were always nice and very professional throughout the whole process and I can fully recommend them to anyone who wants to get married in HK. In fact, we are currently using again to get a certified copy of our marriage cert and once again they are a pleasure to work with.
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Johi Seestie Avatar
Johi Seestie
Thank you very much for making everything easy and comfortable for us. Everything from paperwork to make up, hair styling, car service and photography so very well organized and professional. All we needed to do was to show up at scheduled time. We are so very satisfied and happy with the service
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Marcos Dos Santos Avatar
Marcos Dos Santos
positive review 
28/03/2019 is a very professional marriage agent. My wife and Me are very satisfied with the service from start to end… Jane was so helpful and always gave us support in any kind of questions we had.
This service is highly recommended for those couples they like to take the easy way to get married.

Thank you very much Jane 🙏🏼
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Mona Miles Avatar
Mona Miles
Jane & her team have been very helpful throughout the process. They were very detailed & meticulous on every aspect. All documents that requested by the marriage office were kept Confidential. We appreciate & very thankful with their service rendered to us. We highly recommend their service. Well done Jane & team you made our marriage possible.
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Anastasia Monic Talalo Avatar
Anastasia Monic Talalo
positive review 
very very nice to know Jane and her team at STARThongkongmarriage. the process via email is explained clearly and in detail .. all questions and concerns are answered clearly .. thank you for your support Jane and team .. we are really appreciate your help and the team for us to arrive in Hongkong to carry out the wedding .. as we said that our long journey to get to this point .. thank you for helping us achieve our dreams .. success for you, Jane and team at STARThongkongmarriage..

ps : very nice to see you with your belly 😉
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Lidwina Elisabeth Avatar
Lidwina Elisabeth
Very helpfull and friendly. They understand all the procces required. We recommed it to anyone that wants to have marriage in hongkong.
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Los Amigo Avatar
Los Amigo
Jane and her entire Team were very professional from conception to execution (start to finish) of the wedding plan. Every tiny details and questions were look into with provided links and options. The Team guided us every step of the way. Even after the Big Day, you are still provided support if and when needed. We highly recommend Jane and her professional team. Bravo!!! Excellent!!!
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-- Avatar
Working with Jane is a delight. We’ve gone through 2 years of waiting due to pandemic and HK border restrictions, but Jane was there, assuring us with every step of the way. Highly recommended 👌

Thank you again StartHongkongMarriage team!
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Justine Marie Avatar
Justine Marie
If our wedding day was smooth and unforgettable, it is thanks to START Hong-Kong Marriage.Professional, efficient, reassuring…Thank you for everything.We would definitely recommend them !
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Camille Delos Santos Avatar
Camille Delos Santos
outstanding service, very accommodating and trustworthy. made our wedding easier. Jane was very helpful on guiding us throughout all the procedures. Highly recommended.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Jacob Guitarhk Avatar
Jacob Guitarhk
positive review 
Smooth, fast, excellent communication via email and so on. Basically hassle free. Great job and thanks! Send my regards to Miss Lau.
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Emil Mikkelsen Avatar
Emil Mikkelsen
Melta and I highly recommend STARThongkongmarriage. Everything went perfect and according to plan, really straight forward.

Thank you ever so much Jane.
We could never have done it without you ❤️
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Rebecca Preece Pickering Avatar
Rebecca Preece Pickering
To Jane & the entire team, a big thank you for your help during this process. It was so easy having a team to guide us through a wedding in Hong Kong, the afternoon went off beautifully. Rebecca & Ted (Sydney Australia)
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Analy AH Newitt Avatar
Analy AH Newitt
From the start Jane was such a wonderful help, she was prompt and thorough in her responses and went over and above to make our wedding day so special. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and the memories we will cherish of Hong Kong and our wedding day.
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Taya Kulik Avatar
Taya Kulik
We can’t thank Jane and her team enough for their hard work and dedication. They truly went above and beyond to make our wedding day everything we had dreamed of and more. If you’re looking for a wedding agency that combines professionalism with genuine care and creativity, Jane and her team come highly recommended!
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Ray Bob Avatar
Ray Bob
we have worked with Jane for 4years and she has guided us through the process. We couldn’t have done this without her.We do highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to get married in hongkong.Thank you Jane and the team.
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Kus KK Avatar
Kus KK
What to say other than a HUGE THANK YOU! Jane and her entire Team were simply amazing and very professional throughout the whole process! We very highly recommend Jane and her professional team. EXCELLENT!
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Ma Ri Avatar
Ma Ri
The best agency that I can recommend, it’s easy and fast to respond.
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Nils Bicker Avatar
Nils Bicker
Thank you Jane for a wonderful wedding in HongKong!

Jane and the team of were easy to communicate with, always helpful even with the stupid questions and just the best support for our wedding.
Getting married in HongKong can be difficult when you are coming form a different country but with Jane and the team you don’t have to worry about anything.

Melissa and I fully recommend
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SangHyo Lee Avatar
SangHyo Lee
Jane and the team is very supportive to guide through the entire process. Everything went smoothly. Highly recommended!
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Aleksandar Gramatikov Avatar
Aleksandar Gramatikov
We had a great experience , everything was very well organized and went very smoothly. Thank you Jane for the great help!


Kirstin and Aleks
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Paul Bugge Avatar
Paul Bugge
We are immensely grateful to for ensuring a smooth and successful wedding! Jane and her team have been professional, reassuring, and easy to engage. Even when there were special circumstances, they patiently and helpfully guided us throughout the process.

We came away extremely impressed with their professionalism and involvement in the process and are most grateful for their assistance with our registration. We absolutely recommend for any expats looking to get married in Hong Kong!
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Kittie J. Bert Avatar
Kittie J. Bert
positive review 
hello maam jane super thank you for everything.. Godbless you always 😍😍😍
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An Emily Avatar
An Emily
We are a couple come from Taiwan and Italy.
Unfortunately, Italy doesn’t recognize Taiwan as a country. The only solution is getting married in Hong Kong.
There are so many procedures and documents have to be prepared. Jane is always so patient to guide us step by step. During these two months, Jane always replied our questions clearly, on time and patiently. We finally had our wedding on schedule and everything went well. I can’t imagine we could make it without Jane’s help. Really grateful to Jane’s team.
Professional and reliable! Highly recommend Jane and her team 😘 Wish all the best to you couples.

Tracy & Andy
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Maricel Santiaguel Avatar
Maricel Santiaguel
positive review 
Hi Jane thank you so much for everything you’ve d0ne for us, i would highly recommend starthongkong .from the beginning till the wedding was done she was supportive.
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Alexis Delhougne Avatar
Alexis Delhougne
positive review 
Thank you so much to Jane and all the team. Our dream came true in a very smooth and efficent way. Everything whas stresless and efficent. We had lot’s of fun during our big day.
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Serena Isabella Avatar
Serena Isabella
positive review 
Dear Jane,

Where can I start with how much of a pleasure it was corresponding with you throughout the planning process? You were an absolute gem! the professionalism, kindness, patience and ease from bureaucratic pressures lead to such a seamless and beautiful ceremony. We could not ask for a better service to aid us through our Hong Kong wedding from the consistent email responses with clearly written answers to my many, many questions 😅, down to the wonderful service we received on the day. It allowed both of us to feel reassured before arriving in Hong Kong and we could just focus on the happiness of our day.

Julius and I thank you so much from the bottom of our heart for making our wedding one to remember with the peaceful service and beautiful pictures.🤗

We recommend to any engaged couple interested in having a seamless, foreigner friendly marriage in Hong Kong.

This is a sincerely special thanks to Jane and her team for making this happen for us.

Lots of Love,

Serena & Julius married on the 26th of July 2019.
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Alina Chen Avatar
Alina Chen
Hi Jane,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for all the help you have provided us with. You and your team managed to make what seemed impossible to happen, happen, we managed to have a smooth wedding with no unforeseen events and all went according to plan. The photographs you and your team took were lovely, keep up the great work!
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Weng Aor Avatar
Weng Aor
It’s a great experience and challenging to get married to the country that you don’t know no one but with the help of the team especially Jane, she’s very responsive and professional helping my marriage be successful and wonderful. I strongly recommend and More Power to the Company. “Xie xie”
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J R Avatar
Thank you so much for assisting us on our wedding.. you have give an excellent service! Detail explanation and guidance, fast response.. Again Thank you Jane ♥️
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Maetud Tam Avatar
Maetud Tam
positive review 
Great service and a big thanks to Jane.
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Arnel Bangalan Avatar
Arnel Bangalan
positive review 
Thank you for taking care for our wedding. We strongly recommend. Again thank you
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Denise Christine Rosales Prasmo Avatar
Denise Christine Rosales Prasmo
thank you jane and your team for our very successful marriage. jane is very professional and responsive to us. she answered all our queries, helped and guided us in our application and she even attended our wedding. we thank you so much and we gave you five stars for your service. 🥰❤️
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Wolfgang Kopp Avatar
Wolfgang Kopp
This was a really nice experience. Everything went smooth and without delays or problems.
The given directions and review of required documents were professional and with only one trip to Hong Kong everything was done.

The staff i met was very helpful and friendly, so we can only recommend this service to everyone.
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C Marie Curl Avatar
C Marie Curl
The service was brilliant and Jane was absolutely lovely, as well as extremely efficient. Thank you so much, Claire and Brent xxxx (UK couple)
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Sudirman Sunarya Avatar
Sudirman Sunarya
I highly recommend your service. My partner and I are not Hong Kong residents, but we really wanted to have our wedding there. As with most people in our situation, we have a choice of ‘doing it ourselves’ or having someone else help us. The first isn’t really an option, as that will involve a lot of unnecessary traveling, expenditures, and headaches. So, we chose the latter but struggled to know which agency to use. Lucky for us, had already some good reviews, so we decided to use their service. It was a good decision. Their fee is affordable, and their services are prompt and accurate. Jane is very courteous in answering all our questions – right to our wedding day. 10/10.
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Camille Morante Avatar
Camille Morante
outstanding service, very accommodating and trustworthy. made our wedding easier. Jane was very helpful on guiding us throughout all the procedures. Highly recommended.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Emil Adrian Cirnici Avatar
Emil Adrian Cirnici
positive review 
One of the best professional team I have ever meet, fully suported our requirements at a high professional level.
Sincerely thanks to all team involved on having our memorable wedding well planned and organized, especially to Jane who has guided us through the whole process since the very beginning till the end, and even after.
Thank you all for everything done on our support.
Respectfully and forever grateful,
Ten and Emil
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Vernon Archer Avatar
Vernon Archer
positive review 
Our sincere thanks to Jane for arranging our wedding in Hong Kong. Jane was professional, friendly, and efficient throughout the whole process. We thank you for taking the stress away and allowing us to relax, have fun, and enjoy our special day.
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Michelle Flanagan Avatar
Michelle Flanagan
Deciding to get married in Hong Kong was made so much easier by having Jane assist us with all the details and paperwork. Her knowledge and prompt responses gave us peace of mind that we were dealing with a professional. I would have no hesitations in recommending the team for organising any wedding.
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Mitch Pulido Avatar
Mitch Pulido
positive review 
thank you so much Jane for smooth and hustle free wedding process that you have done for us. Me and my wife are very please for the awesome job that you did. thank you again.
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Gret Chen Avatar
Gret Chen
Highly recommended.
The staff and the rest of the crew were all good and trustworthy.
They were always there all the way from beginning of the processing until the end (wedding day).
The staff, and the crew (special mention to Ms. Jane) were all friendly and accomodating.

If someone is planning to get married in Hong Kong, they are the BEST to ask for help!!!!
Thank you very much a 10 star rate for them😘
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Alex Alers Avatar
Alex Alers
I would like to said that this company is great for a wedding in an exotic land. I personally witness one of the wedding and they did a great job. If you plan to get married or just want to have a great time with you spouses contact them for a great time like a local. Thanks for make my vacations a great experience. Tell them you hear it from me…!
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Michael Yu Avatar
Michael Yu
Marybeth and I would like to thank you and all the team that made our memorable event a success. And also I congratulate you and the team for doing such a thorough job in every task you have done. Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
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Viktoria Tsapar Avatar
Viktoria Tsapar
Замечательное агентство! Мычи мужем не не могли расписаться на территории Китая и нашли способ сделать это в Гонконге. Заниматься документами самостоятельно – очень непростой процесс потому что сложно поломаться на информацию в интернете. Агентство Джейн предоставило нам подробную и достоверную информацию касаемо всех правил и бумаг, а так же нам всегда подробно отвечали на любые вопросы и предоставляли подробные инструкции стоит как сделать. От нас требовалось только заполнить анкеты и прилететь к дате росписи. Всеми остальными процессами занимались профессионалы. Также агентство продолжает оказывать помощь с решением последующих вопросов с сертификатом, пока мы спокойно занимались своими делами дома. Мы очень рады что работали именно с этим агентством! Рекомендуем и вам !
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rani indrayani Avatar
rani indrayani
Thank you Jane & team for helped us out arranging all the preparation. Hustle free, trusted & smooth. Recommended!
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Kathleen Paffett Avatar
Kathleen Paffett
positive review 
Jane and her team were amazing! I could not have imagined an easier process for our wedding. She did a fabulous job responding to all my emails and questions prior to the wedding. It was the perfect wedding and would not have been possible without Jane!
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Marco Ricci Avatar
Marco Ricci
My wife and me would like to thank the team for being so nice and helpful during our marriage, from helping with the paperwork to providing competent witnesses and pictures. A special thanks to Jane, she always replied to our emails very quickly and had a ton of advice. Strongly recommended if you choose to get married in HK – Shengnan & Marco
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aspherious Avatar
So helpful, very supportive. Cant recommend enough, they made our special day so smooth. Thankyou to Jane and the team.
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Peony Wong Avatar
Peony Wong
We absolutely recommend Start Hong Kong Marriage if you are from a foreign country & wants to get married in Hong Kong. Jane helped made the whole process smooth & we had a wonderful wedding that’s stressed free. Thanks so much Jane… Bless you… 😇
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