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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get married in Hong Kong if we are not local residents of Hong Kong?

No worries, there is no restriction for non-residents to get married in Hong Kong. Even if you are only a tourist, you are eligible for getting married in Hong Kong. 

My fiance and I have different nationalities, will this be okay?

Yes, actually it is quite common for couples to come from different countries. There are quite a number of our previous couples having different nationalities.

How do we choose the right type of wedding in Hong Kong?

Generally, there are 3 types of wedding in Hong Kong. To pick the right one for your wedding, it’s important to know their difference in nature and limitations. You could find more details of different wedding types in 3 Different Types of Wedding in Hong Kong. Feel free to let us know your preference and we will explore with you the suitability for your situation.

What makes getting married in Hong Kong so popular around the world?

The first obvious reason is that the requirements for getting married in Hong Kong are minimal. Even being a tourist visiting Hong Kong for a few days is qualified for registering your marriage. Unlike many other countries, the application process is rather simple and straightforward for foreigners, the only important thing is that you get all required documents prepared properly. The high recognition of the marriage also contributes to its great popularity as the registration process is governed by one of the best judicial systems in the world. Please check out more advantages of getting married in Hong Kong at Why register your marriage in Hong Kong.

My fiance and I have different religions, will this be okay?

Unlike many other countries, it won’t be an issue if both of you have different religious beliefs. We used to guide our couples to go through a non-religious wedding in Hong Kong.

We are not sure if our wedding is really happening. What should we do?

We know you may still have questions like this even if you have read a lot of information about getting married in Hong Kong because every situation is unique. Please just contact us and our team will give you some advice on your wedding plan, hoping that our experiences through the years could be helpful to your application.

What are the involved costs of registering our marriage in Hong Kong if we are going with your team?

To register your marriage in Hong Kong, there will be a government application filing fee and wedding ceremony fee (including the venue of the official marriage registry). As to our service fees, we have different service options to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information about the details of the different service options. 

When should we start planning our wedding in Hong Kong?

It will pretty much depend on your situation such as your living country and nationality etc. because it may affect the time needed for preparing the required set of documents. Ideally, we would suggest you to start the planning around 3 to 4 months before the wedding so that the whole application process will be easier for you and the chance of getting the desired date will be higher. We will work out a application schedule with you in case you wish to get married in a shorter period of time. 

How do we know if our situation is qualified for marriage registration in Hong Kong?

Generally speaking, the main requirement is that either of you has no valid marriage for the time being. If any of you has been married before, divorce or other kind of court papers will be required. Feel free to let us know your situation so that we could give you some advice on the requirements. 

What should we do to get everything started?

Depending on your wedding plan, we would suggest you first find out the required documents for your wedding application because every scenario is different and it might take time to gather the required documents. If you are unsure of the requirements for your situation, please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation free consultation and we are happy to discuss with you the required paperwork. We have been working with more than 500 foreigner couples for their wedding plan in Hong Kong and hope our experiences could be helpful to you.

Or if you have any questions about your individual wedding application or plan, feel free to leave them at Contact and we will get back to you in 24 hours.