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Our Wedding Services


We provide a wide range of services to meet your specific needs. Feel free to let us know your plan and we are happy to discuss each option with you and give you some suggestions based on our hands-on experience!

Submission of Marriage Application Documents and Booking of Wedding Facilities at Hong Kong Marriage Registry


Getting married overseas is always nice and sweet. Lots of our couples said they were having the time of their lives during their wedding in Hong Kong!

Besides the marriage application paperwork, we know you would have so much to prepare for your Hong Kong wedding trip such as hotel booking, flight tickets, wedding dresses, leave arrangement and itineraries etc.

We will help you gather all the required papers to the Hong Kong marriage office before your traveling to Hong Kong, so that you can feel easy to arrive in Hong Kong only 3 days before the wedding day and you can save your efforts in going back and forth to correct the application documents. Everything works without hassle as our consultant team will take care of the hardest part and guide you through the whole process step-by-step, it’s like having an army of wedding experts on your side.

Professional Wedding Photography Service


At the wedding we are having the time of our lives and the day would definitely worth remembering. One of the best ways is to capture the precious moments by taking beautiful pictures. 

Our wedding photographers are good storytellers who are expert in capturing beautiful unexpected details in a wedding. Rather than artificially creating poses and moments for imitation, our photographers attend to the truth of an experience and are passionate about capturing every couple’s most tender and intimate moments in a natural sense. You will have a photo album full of unforgettable wedding memories in Hong Kong at the end of it.

Through the lens of our photographers, you will have timeless wedding photographs that continue to tell your stories forever. We are sure to make all your wedding photography wishes come true!

We provide flexible service hours depending on your needs. Feel free to contact us for more details!

Professional Bridal Makeup & Hairstyling Service


Wanna get gorgeous on your wedding day? Our bridal makeup / hairstyling artists could definitely help!

Our artists have a wonderful eye for color and style, respectfully listen to your requests and are able to make you the best version of yourself on the wedding day. Our makeup artists are specializing in bridal makeup so that we will make you still feel like yourself instead of feeling like having a face full of makeup, and at the same time making your skin ready for the best photographs. Our hairstylists are experienced and knowledgeable about hairstyles. After listening to your preference, our hairstylists will make suggestions for the fabulous bridal hairstyles. You will just look gorgeous and natural in your wedding photos.

As a piece of reminder, the bridal makeup and hairstyling will take about 2 hours and our make-up artist will go to your hotel several hours before the wedding ceremony begins, so please allow some time for that in your wedding day schedule.

Pick-up Service from Hotel to Wedding Venue


Availing the pick-up service from your hotel to the marriage registry would make your big day easier obviously, especially when you have dressed up for the wedding ceremony.

Our pick-up service team is professional and courteous. Let our team serve you on your special day!

Professional Wedding Bouquet & Boutonniere


Needless to say, wedding bouquet is a MUST to a perfect wedding. Your bridal bouquet is a once in a lifetime accessory. A nice pair of wedding bouquet and boutonniere just attracts the eye and simply makes you look more gorgeous!

The design of the wedding bouquet should depend on the style, color and shape of the wedding dress. It is important to pick one matched well with your dress but not hiding the beautiful details.

Our florists will select some seasonal flowers depending on your preference and make sure it works well with you on the wedding day. From the classic all-white to the modern mixes, our florists will make an exquisite one you desire for!

Wedding Witnesses of Marriage Ceremony

When you get wedded in Hong Kong, it is required to have 2 wedding witnesses to attend your wedding ceremony. It would be meaningful if you invite parents, important friends and family members to be your wedding witnesses.

If there are only two of you in Hong Kong and wish to have us as your wedding witnesses, feel free to let us know! It’s our great pleasure for our team to witness your wedding ceremony and sign your treasurable Hong Kong marriage certificate.